Cafe Eco

Since opening, Cafe Eco has anchored itself as one of Corks most exciting and vibrant artisan coffee shops at the heart of Cork City centre. Located at the WebWorkHouse on Winthrop Street, Cafe Eco has grown to become the go to place for those with a discerning taste for high quality coffee, teas and not forgetting our signature Hot Chocolate on a Stick and Moroccan Mint Tea with honey.



About us

We started with a simple idea that we wanted a great cup of coffee and hoped others would like that idea too. Soon that idea took shape and we have been growing our business ever since. We offer only sustainably farmed coffee and source our coffee from a variety of quality producers worldwide.

Aside from our great coffee and other hot drinks, Cafe Eco also offers a broad range of chilled smoothies, iced teas and soft drinks as well as a diverse food menu.